UK being stiffed by botched EU asylum policy

The UK is being taken for a ride by the EU when it comes to taking in asylum seekers.

There is an agreement called the Dublin Regulation that states if an asylum seeker passes through a safe (EU) country en route to another country, they should be returned back to the first nation they entered.

But just 1 in 10 requests by the British government to return asylum seekers under the Dublin Regulation is actually granted.

Eurostat figures revealed that, although the UK made a total of 4,237 transfer requests in 2016 (more than in any other year since 2008), only 355 transfers from the UK actually occurred.

Alp Mehmet, Vice Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: “These figures suggest that the Dublin Agreement has become virtually useless for the UK. We have seriously to consider whether its continuation serves British interests.”

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Yet another solid case for Brexit. Everyone knows the EU completely bungled the migrant crisis and that open borders are a dangerous shambles, but this is a classic example of Brussels policy simply not working. Inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Classic EU.