UK-Australia trade talks continue, deal could start post-Brexit 2021

The Aussies are again pushing for a trade deal with Brexit Britain that could come into effect on the very first day after the so-called ‘transition period’ ends on 31st December 2020.

Australia is set to host another round of trade talks, with UK officials flying over for a ‘working group’ on a potentially lucrative free trade agreement.

And their Trade Minister Steve Ciobo has addressed head on worries of any ‘flood’ of foreign migrant workers as a result of any such deal, saying: “Those scare campaigns are disgraceful because they deliberately misrepresent the impact of FTAs on our ability to regulate foreign workers.

“The fact is that we retain all the rights to regulate foreign workers, with or without an FTA.

“We still regulate and require that any foreign worker meets Australian standards.”

He added that: “Where agreements deal with foreign workers, they have no impact on unskilled or low-skilled workers. We retain all of the safeguards that we have always had with regard to unskilled and low-skilled workers.”

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So a mutually beneficial trade deal whilst each country control its own borders. This set-up makes a lot more sense than the protectionist, open border European Union.