Two-thirds of Tory members want government to deliver No Deal Brexit

The vast majority of Conservative Party members now support leaving the European Union on WTO terms as their most favoured outcome.

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That’s according to a poll of 858 Tory members by YouGov that asked which Brexit stance best reflected their view on how the government should proceed.

A whopping 66% backed a No Deal Brexit, including 82% of those who voted Leave and 22% who backed Remain in 2016.

Just 13% want the government to negotiate an alternative deal that would have the backing of Tory and DUP MPs and only 12% of Tory members think the government should continue to try and get Parliament to approve Theresa May’s current proposal.

A tiny 6% favour a compromise deal with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

And unsurprisingly, 84% of Tory members oppose a second referendum.

Pretty stark numbers. But is anyone in Westminster even listening anymore? Perhaps those planning to stand in the impending Conservative leadership race might be.