Twice as many voters want to Leave EU than stop Brexit, poll finds

Brits want the UK to get on with leaving the EU by a 2-1 margin according to a new poll, with only around a quarter of Brits wanting to stop Brexit.

The Deltapoll gave people several options, including to scrap Brexit and Remain in the EU. However just 26% back the hardline Remoan position, whilst a clear majority (55%) now want the UK to Leave.

The poll gave the public these options:

  • Brexit should be abandoned altogether – 26%
  • Carry on with Chequers – 10%
  • May should try and negotiate a new deal before 29th March 2019 – 14%
  • Delay Article 50 to come up with a better deal – 9%
  • Refuse to concede anymore and leave with No Deal – 22%

Of Brexit voters, 42% want to leave with No Deal, making it by far the most popular option amongst Leavers.

The same poll found that Brexit voters were more informed than Remainers about the implications of Brexit before the referendum.

There is no appetite for a Loser’s Vote or Chequers. Let’s get on with it and go for a real Brexit.