Tusk: Risk that Poland could leave EU

The European Union’s Donald Tusk has warned that his country could soon follow the UK out of the EU, unless things change.

A former Polish PM, Tusk is clearly worried about his country following Brexit Britain out the door. The elected Polish government has repeatedly clashed with the unelected EU Commission from interfering in domestic affairs – and it has having an impact. A BBC report earlier this year highlighted disquiet from some Polish people, with one saying: “The EU is meddling too much in Polish matters. Poland is a sovereign country. We can deal with our own issues.”

The Poles have also vowed to defend Viktor Orban’s Hungarian government, who have also faced the threat of EU sanctions.

In response, Tusk has said: “It does not matter to me whether (PiS Party Leader) Jaroslaw Kaczynski plans to leave the EU or just initiates some processes that lead to that outcome.”

He drew direct parallels with the UK: “The issue is that Cameron also had no plan to take the UK out of the EU. And the will (among member states) to keep Poland inside the EU is smaller than the will to keep the UK in it.

“This issue is incredibly serious, the risk is deadly serious, I want everybody to come to their senses.”

How much longer with the Polish people – along with citizens across Europe – put up with their own elected politicians being told what to do by the EU bully boys?