Tusk: 'Full integration' for the entire Western Balkans into European Union

One of the European Union’s many unelected Presidents has again laid out the ambition for further huge expansion, with those in Brussels wanting the likes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia to eventually join the bloc. That of course would mean free movement of people from all of those countries within the EU.

Now you might think that after Eurosceptic wins at election after election those in Brussels might be concentrating on tightening external borders or maybe even cutting their budget – but no, Tusk’s eyes are firmly on expanding the failed bloc.

He tweeted today: “I have no doubt that it’s in the best interest of EU and Albania that the entire Western Balkans region is fully integrated into EU. The process will resemble more a hurdles race than a motorway. But full integration remains our common destiny.”

This follows on from Jean-Claude Juncker’s mad push for the likes of Albania and Macedonia to join the EU, something the European Commission has now signed off on.

The European Union is changing. Year by year those at the top become even more detached from reality, wanting more power and further expansion.

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It demonstrates why the entire EU project is doomed – and why Brexit Britain will be followed out of the exit door by other European nations.