Tusk: 'Dream' of stopping Brexit remains

The European Union’s Donald Tusk today insisted that the dream of the UK remaining in the EU wasn’t dead after all. Now that would truly be a nightmare for the pro-Brexit majority of Brits.

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Speaking today, Tusk insisted that “all options remain on the table such as ratification of the current Withdrawal Agreement or extra time to rethink Brexit if that were the wish of the British people”.

And he told MEPs today that: “During the European Council one of the leaders warned us not to be dreamers and that we shouldn’t think that Brexit could be reversed.

“I didn’t respond at the time but today in front of you I would like to say at this rather difficult moment in our history we need the dreamers and dreams.

“We cannot give into fatalism. At least I will not stop dreaming about a better and united Europe.”

Many in Brussels still just don’t get it. Which is why Nigel Farage is so keen for his Brexit Party to deliver a resounding message in the European Elections.