Turning Point UK launches, left-wing heads explode

The launch of Turning Point UK, a youth movement for conservatism that started off in America, has caused left-wingers to go into a full meltdown in record time.

Headed by Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens and UK Chairman George Farmer, the group aims to get stuck in by “educating students and other young people on the values of free markets, limited government and personal responsibility”.

Their launch video has already clocked up 614,000 views.

High-profile Brexiteers have welcomed the group to British shores, including Jacob Rees-Mogg who pointed out that “the left has no monopoly on the ‘young’.”

Nigel Farage gave his backing to the group as well.

Assorted left-wingers immediately lost the plot, with the Labour-supporting Red Roar tweeting: “Theresa May’s links to new alt-right group Turning Point UK as she dined with its chairman and accepted £100,000 in donations from him”.

Labour MP David Lammy followed up by tweeting: “Sinister forces are taking hold of our country.” Spooky!

The Guardian ran an obligatory hatchet job and the New Statesman attempted to be funny. Painful.

It is clear to see why lefties would be bricking it. The launch has included a video by the dynamic Dominique Samuels where she explains why she isn’t a socialist. Powerful stuff.

Trump-supporting US conservative Candace Owens is clearly happy with the response so far and has said: “I love that our recent launch of @TPointUK is causing such a stir overseas.

“This is precisely our intention.

“YES, @charliekirk11 and I will be heading to Europe, where a disruption in socialist ideology is desperately needed on University campuses.

“See you guys in March!”

Turning Point UK Chairman George Farmer told Westmonster: “Turning Point UK is here to shake up the debate on university campuses which have deplatformed conservative speakers for too long. We want to challenge the dominant leftist narrative in UK Universities.”

The British conservative movement has needed something like Turning Point for a long time. Bring it on.