Turkish mosque in Germany 'gave children army uniforms and mock guns'

A Turkish mosque in Germany has been heavily criticised after photos and videos emerged of young children in full combat gear performing a military ceremony.

Images show children, reportedly aged between four and seven, wearing Turkish military uniforms, carrying toy guns and lying down ‘dead’ underneath a gigantic Turkish flag.

A spokesman for the association told German media that the performance was related to the FIrst World War Battle of Gallipoli, which Turkish dictator Recep Erdoğan interprets as ‘a victory of Islam over Western Crusaders’.

The pictures were taken inside the Herford Mosque, which is run by the Turkish Mosque Association Ditib, who reportedly have close ties to the Turkish government.

German media also report that the imams of mosques run by the association are trained in Turkey and are paid by the Turkish state to preach in Germany.

CDU district chairman Tim Ostermann slammed the performance, saying he finds it “highly problematic that children are instrumentalised”.

“This blatantly contradicts any attempt at integration,” he added.

Ostermann suggested that such displays were a “typical sign of a parallel society” which “State and society must do everything possible to prevent.”

The story has caused outrage on German social media channels, with one commenting that “This is how you educate murderers.”

Other users have reported the incident to the police.

European-Turkish relations are at an all time low following the failed coup which led to a crackdown in civil liberties in the country.

In February of last year, Erdoğan threatened to flood Europe with migrants unless the EU coughed up more money to help Turkey stem the flow of migrants travelling through the country in an attempt to reach Europe.

In March, Erdoğan made a threat that “no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets” after several European countries banned Turkish politicians holding rallies in their country.

His comments followed on from his Foreign Minister, who launched a scathing attack on Dutch politicians and vowed that “wars of religion may and will start in Europe”.

Last October the deluded Erdoğan, claimed that: “Turkey and its full membership is the cure for their chronic problems”.

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The fact the Turkish community are now indoctrinating kids by making them perform military ceremonies on the streets of Europe is absolutely chilling.