Turkey 'kidnaps' people and threatens Greece, EU gives billions to Turkish government

Turkey stands accused of kidnapping 80 people in 18 different countries and locking them away in prison cells, tensions between Turkey and Greece are also at their highest for 20 years… yet the EU is still giving the Turks billions and billions of Euros to join the Brussels bloc. Crazy.

Turkish intelligence services have apparently been rounding up people suspected of being behind the plot to overthrow President Erdogan during a military coup in 2016.

Greek troops were also forced to shoot at a Turkish helicopter as it approached a small island in the Aegean Sea yesterday. There’s an ongoing conflict between the two nations over who has a territorial right to several islands in the region, but this is really hotting up now.

In fact, Turkey, which is in receipt of €4.6 billion to prepare for EU membership between 2007 – 2013 and another €4.5 billion  set for 2014 – 2020, threatened to break the arms and legs of the Greek Prime Minister if he set foot on one of the disputed islands.

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This is mental – Brussels is signed up to send €9bn to a country that’s on the brink of armed conflict with an actual EU member state. It also committed to sending Turkey €3bn in 2017 to help with the refugee crisis. How’s that one working out?!

Can you imagine being Greece – an EU country trapped in a never-ending cycle of financial pain, sacrificed at the altar of EU mass migration, violently threatened by Turkey…and the EU is actually paying Turkey billions of pounds. Terrible. I bet they’re glad they teamed up with Brussels now.

This is the EU in a nutshell: mindless policies and financial waste.