Trump: US committed to 'phenomenal' post-Brexit trade deal with UK

US President Donald Trump spoke alongside Prime Minister Theresa May this afternoon and once again highlighted his desire for a big US-UK trade deal.

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May spoke of a “celebration of the special relationship” and talked up the US and UK as “enduring partners”.

The PM also noted “positive discussions” with Trump when it comes to the possibility of a UK-US free trade deal.

Trump described Her Majesty the Queen as a “fantastic person” and paid his tribute to those who sacrificed so much on D-Day.

“Our people believe in freedom and independence,” Trump noted.

He also revealed that he had rejected a meeting with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn – which now seems to have been confirmed by Labour.

And he thanked the people of the UK for their effort to help defeat Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, describing ISIS as having been “obliterated”.

On defence, the US President called for NATO members to do their bit and meet the 2% of GDP target for defence spending.

Trump insisted that post-Brexit his administration is “committed to a phenomenal trade deal, there is tremendous potential in that trade deal” that could mean two or three times more trade value.

Time for the UK to take back control outside of the European Union and put in place a fully independent trade policy.