Trump says fire and fury ‘not tough enough’ for North Korea

Donald Trump said his threat to hit North Korea with “fire and fury” if they attack America may not have been “tough enough”.

North Korea threatened to strike Guam immediately after Trump said he’d reacted in the strongest possible terms to any North Korean aggression.

Kim Jong-un, the tubby tyrant, has been doing everything he can to get his hands on a nuclear weapon in recent years and there are fears he may now be able to strike American territory.

Trump was criticised for his threat, presumably lefty liberals would rather their President didn’t defend their country. After all, years of Obama’s diplomacy worked so well…

When asked what he thought of people who said his “fire and fury” comments were “nonsense”, Trump said: “If anything maybe that statement wasn’t tough enough. We’re backed by our military and many other leaders. You’ll see. What North Korea have been getting away with is a tragedy and can’t be allowed. We’ve been negotiating for 25 years.”

Kim Jong-un isa brutal, oppressive dictator who has been starving his own people and locking many away in death camps for years. He’s also made direct threats against America. Surely there’s moral, humanitarian and national security arguments to be made for action against the dumpy despot.