Trump: EU migration policy is changing culture and damaging security

President Trump has hit out at the EU’s immigration policy, accusing it of changing cultures and damaging national security.

Trump issued a warning to the EU elites, saying: “I think they better watch themselves because you are changing culture, you are changing a lot of things, you’re changing security.

“Look at’s what happening to different countries that never had difficulty, never had problems. It’s a very sad situation, it’s very unfortunate but I do not think it’s good for Europe, I do not think it’s good for my country.

“We’re doing very well considering we have virtually no immigration laws. I would make that recommendation to Europe, I make it very loud and clear.”

He also said he thought Brexit was always going to happen because immigration was a massive issue for the British public and Barack Obama was wrong to say Britain would have to go to the back of the queue if it left the EU.

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If only the Brussels bigwigs, who don’t have to bear the brunt of their ridiculous migration policies, would listen.