'Treason May' Telegraph readers send in 'angry letters' about EU plan

You know the Conservatives are in trouble when Telegraph readers are this furious.

The Telegraph’s letter editor, Chris Howse, has written a piece in the paper regarding the volume of letters he has received about Theresa May and her Chequers deal.

“Not since the summer of the MPs’ expenses scandal in 2009 has such an angry invasion force taken the Letters page by storm,” he writes.

Howse says readers are angry and “feel betrayed” by that Theresa May has proposed, which many say would leave Britain as a vassal state of the EU.

“Where are the politicians of principle who will honour the manifesto promises they were elected on?” read one letter.

Many made references “of appeasement and Chamberlain”, according to the editor.

Letter writers also said they wouldn’t vote again, which could be finish the Conservative Party off if large numbers refuse to back them at the next election.

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Tory MPs should be worried.