Tourism booms in Brexit Britain

Remain campaigners taunted Brexiteers throughout last year’s referendum, calling them insular Little Englanders who want to shut themselves off from the world.

But the latest figures from the ONS show how our heroic vote to quit the EU has led to a surge in tourism to the UK, which remains as welcoming as ever.

Between October 2016 and January 2017 foreign visitors from around the world increased by 13%, with tourism from North America rising at a whopping rate of 19% on the same three months the year before.

8.8 million tourists visited the UK in those three months, with 2.9 million visiting the country in January alone, a rise of 11% from 2016. They spent 15% more than during the same period the previous year as well.

The phenomenon may partly be caused by the new value of sterling, which has already boosted exports by making British produce more competitive overseas. Now it appears to be helping British tourism to thrive.

As Britain quits the failing EU and rediscovers its place in the world, interest from our friends and allies can only be a good thing.