'Totally unacceptable' DUP warn May against tying NI to EU under backstop

The DUP have warned Theresa May that any backstop which involves Northern Ireland being closer to the EU economically will not be acceptable.

DUP MP and Brexit spokesperson Sammy Wilson said: “We don’t regard it as palatable, it would be totally unacceptable and breach any promise that was made of not breaking up the UK.

“She knows the consequences.”

The DUP’s Cheif Whip Sir Jeffery Donaldson also weighed in saying: “If we think a Brexit deal is not good for the UK, we will say so. We have been very clear of that.

“We want the deal to be in the best interests of the UK. Let’s see what the deal is – we’re not afraid of a General Election.”

The DUP’s comments come after reports suggesting Theresa May’s deal is almost completed, with the Cabinet due to sign off a draft Withdrawal Agreement within the next few days.