Tory support sinks to lowest level in years after May's Brexit failure

Support for the Conservative Party has sunk to its lowest level in years according to polling from multiple firms. The British public are clearly furious that Theresa May has totally failed to deliver Brexit on time, as promised.

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The latest Opinium poll has the Tories down to 29% for a General Election, a 6-point drop that gives Labour a 7-point lead. Two weeks ago they were neck and neck on 35% each,

This level of support is the lowest Opinium have recorded for the Conservatives since May 2014 nearly five years ago. The number of Leavers who said they would vote Conservative has dropped by 7 points in a fortnight, with UKIP up to 11% though the poll doesn’t seem to have included the Brexit Party.

When it comes to Opinium polling for the European Elections, the combined Brexit Party/UKIP share is 25%, way ahead of the Tories on 17%.

Adam Drummond, the Head of Political Polling at Opinium, has said: “Extending Article 50 until October has done predictable damage to the Tories’ public support with the largest lead for Labour since 2014.

“The government also look set to take a pasting in the European Parliament elections next month with the Leave vote fracturing between them, UKIP and Nigel Farage’s Brexit party while much of how the Remain vote splits will depend on how well Labour can continue straddling the divide.”

But it isn’t just Opinium that have recorded a big drop in Tory support for a General Election. YouGov’s latest poll has the Tories down to 28%, with the Brexit Party/UKIP on a combined 14%.

As Anthony Wells, YouGov’s Political Director of Research, explains: “The Conservative score of 28% is the first time YouGov have shown them dropping below 30% since 2013. While one can never be certain about what has caused changes in voting intention, it is hard to avoid the obvious conclusion that they are shedding support to more unambiguously pro-Brexit parties like UKIP and the Brexit Party.”

The situation is so dire that Jeremy Corbyn could be set for Downing Street. Polling analysis by the Sunday Telegraph reveals that the Conservatives would currently lost 59 seats at a General Election.

This is what happens when Leave voters feel betrayed. The growing talks of the Prime Minister being ousted continue, but surely some action must be taken soon by Tory MPs.

Theresa May’s failure to deliver an EU exit, deal or No Deal, is seeing a huge voter backlash. And that’s before the European Elections…

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