Conservative support collapses 9 points in one month

The latest figures from Kantar make dire reading for the Conservative Party, with support collapsing by 9 points in just one month. That is as astonishing drop in support, though richly deserved given the UK still hasn’t left the EU.

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Theresa May’s total failure to deliver Brexit sees the Tories down 9 points compared to last month on 32%, with Labour up 4 on 35%. Jeremy Corbyn’s party now in first place.

Meanwhile the LibDems are up 3 to 11%, with UKIP up slightly on 7%.

With European Elections also on the horizon, the likes of the Brexit Party could soon be building massive support across the country as well.

May’s dithering and delay is destroying Conservative support across the country, as she prepares to submit to another Brexit delay. Are Tory MPs going to sit back and let this continue?