Tory Remainer MPs to meet with Corbyn 'to discuss Norway-style Brexit plan'

Anti-No Deal Conservative MPs are set to meet with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn later today in a move that may well further infuriate the pro-Brexit Tory grassroots.

The Guardian have reported that Corbyn is meeting with Tories Nick Boles and Sir Oliver Letwin later today, with The Sun saying that they may push for a ‘Norway-style’ EU deal. That would of course mean open borders, a total betrayal of the referendum vote.

Boles has seen fierce opposition locally from Tories furious at his threat to resign the whip to oppose a No Deal, WTO Brexit.

His local Association Chairman, Philip Sagar, has said of Boles: “Sadly he is now viewed not just by members but by a growing numbers of Conservative voters, as arrogant, out of touch, living in the Westminster bubble and set on a course of self-destruction.

“People are telling me in ever increasing numbers daily that they will not vote Conservative again if he remains our candidate for the next General Election. To all those telling me, nay begging me to deselect him I say it is not about deselection it’s about re-selection and we will in any event need to start that process soon in readiness for any snap election.”

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn has seen his personal popularity plummet to record lows, with the Labour Party now openly seeking to overturn the will of the people with a ridiculous second referendum.

Two-thirds of Tory members No Deal over the current proposed bad deal. Why are some MPs choosing to completely ignore the wishes of the people who helped get them elected in the first place?

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