Tory Remainer MPs consider backing Labour on second referendum

Conservative Remainers are reportedly colluding with opposition MPs over plans for a second referendum. Every week it seems Westminster drifts further away from public feeling across the country, where support for a No Deal Brexit grows.

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The Sun report that Labour backbenchers Phil Wilson and Peter Kyle have drafted an amendment in favour of the so-called ‘People’s Vote’ and are lobbying Conservative Remainers for their support.

Given Speaker Bercow’s decision today not to permit a third vote on a Withdrawal Agreement which remains “substantially the same” motion, it is unclear whether such an amendment could be brought again before the House in this Parliamentary sitting, considering an amendment calling for a second referendum was comprehensively rejected just last week by 334 votes to 85.

Tory MPs Huw Merriman and Antoinette Sandbach have both hinted they could back the amendment in an attempt to break the Parliamentary impasse. A second referendum would destroy trust in politics and faith in democracy after 17.4 million Leave voters instructed MPs to get the UK out of the European Union, something they have yet to deliver nearly three years on.

Sandbach, who represents 52% Leave constituency Eddisbury, will not be winning over many critics within her local association with her newfound position.

Meanwhile fellow Tory MP Huw Merriman tweeted a photo of his meeting with pro-second referendum Labour MP Peter Kyle and said: “I voted for the PM’s deal, against extending Art50 and against taking No Deal off table. If MPs will not back the deal then I am asking myself if #KyleWilson is the only option left to deliver #BrexitDeal.”

Remainers have suggested the choice on the ballot paper for a second referendum should be May’s Deal vs Remain. Nigel Farage, an ardent opponent to the appropriately named Losers’ Vote has declared he would not vote under such circumstances, in the absence of a genuine Leave option. It would a genuine disgrace to democracy and provoke huge Brexiteer fury.

Anti-Brexit forces are rallying the troops ahead of what is expected to be a crucial week in Westminster with Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union supposed to be set for 10 days time. Brexiteers must hold firm over the coming days with independence now firmly in sight – though it looks like European Elections or even a Loser’s Vote can’t now be ruled out. It’s a disgrace either of those are even possibilities.

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