Tory MPs 'threaten to defect to Brexit Party if UK doesn't leave on 31st October'

Pro-Brexit Conservative MPs have told Boris Johnson that they will join the Brexit Party if he doesn’t deliver Brexit on 31st October.

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The Sunday Express have splashed with the story that MPs in the European Research Group have said they could defect if Brexit isn’t delivered at the end of October, as Boris Johnson has promised.

Writing for the paper, Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage says today: “On the Brexit Party’s social media pages, we have a calendar counting down the days until the date they have promised we will leave. We will not let them get away with it again.

“The one thing we can surely agree with Mr. Johnson about is that, if they fail to deliver a proper Brexit by that deadline, the Tory Party may well ‘kick the bucket’.”

The Sun on Sunday also report on MPs telling Boris that they will quit the party if he goes back on his word.

One senior figure is quoted as saying: “The donors will turn off the money taps, the members will be gone and MPs will walk too. We’ll be left with no choice but to join the Brexit Party.

“The country has put up with this for long enough. It’s three years since we voted to leave the EU and the big day keeps being put off.”

As the Sun on Sunday’s editorial lays out: “Boris Johnson is facing a stark ultimatum from hardline Tory MPs – deliver Brexit by Halloween or we join Nigel Farage.”

Either the next PM delivers Brexit, or there will be even more profound political change at the ballot box than we have seen so far.