Tory MPs tell May to reject Corbyn EU Deal

Conservative MPs have written to Prime Minister Theresa May, urging her to not go along with a Customs Union stitch-up deal with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

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It comes as negotiations between the two parties appear to be at a point of collapse, with seemingly no substantial progress made.

As The Times report, MPs including the likes of Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Sir Graham Brady and former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson have penned a letter that reads: “We believe that a Customs Union-based deal with Labour will very likely lose the support of Conservative MPs, like us, who backed the Withdrawal Agreement in March…and you would be unlikely to gain as many Labour MPs to compensate.

“More fundamentally, you would have lost the loyal middle of the Conservative Party, split our party and with likely nothing to show for it. No Leader can bind his or her successor so the deal would likely be at best temporary, at worst illusory.”

May now seems to be toying with the idea of giving MPs in Parliament full control via a sequence of votes where they would put forward their preferences on everything from a second referendum to an EU Customs Union. Giving a Remainer Parliament control of this process would be an absurd move, but Theresa May has already made several of those.

A government source seems to have confirmed the move to The Telegraph: “The difference between indicative votes and what we’re looking at is that with indicative votes people just went and said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on everything.

“We’re looking at some way of finding a winner.”

Meanwhile some in the Cabinet are said to be pushing to leave on WTO terms, with one Cabinet Minister telling The Sun: “We must seriously start ramping up our No Deal preparations again.

“We must leave by October 31st, no matter what. If we don’t, things will get considerably worse for the party than they even are now.”