Tory MPs plotting with Labour to keep free movement

As many as 15 Tory MPs are in talks with hardcore Labour Remoaner Stephen Kinnock, in a bid to ensure Britain keeps the EU’s freedom of movement after Brexit.

The plan would see Britain remain in the European Economic Area (just like Norway) and would mean retaining the four freedoms, including the freedom of movement – which would allow mass uncontrolled immigration to continue.

Kinnock said: “I have been reaching out with a particular proposal to 15 Conservative MPs so far.

“There is a growing recognition now in the economy…that getting the right transitional deal is the top priority.

“What we need to do is to form a coalition of common sense to secure in particular a sensible, pragmatic transition deal which in my opinion should be based on the EEA.”

A deal that kept freedom of movement would be a betrayal of the Brexit vote and any party that signed up to it would surely be destroyed in the next election. Theresa May needs to get her house in order.