Tory MP Heidi Allen signs pledge refusing to report illegal migrants

Conservative MP Heidi Allen has joined left-wingers in pledging not to report illegal migrants to the Home Office.

More than 100 MPs have signed the pledge which reads: “As a Member of Parliament, I pledge to represent and advocate for all people living in my constituency as equal members of the local community, regardless of their immigration status.

“My constituency and surgery are safe places and I welcome all my constituents to seek representation free from fear of immigration enforcement.

I will not report on anyone who seeks my advice to the Home Office for immigration enforcement and will ensure my office correctly handles sensitive personal information to prevent this from happening.”

Those supporting the absurd stance include 79 Labour MPs,  9 Liberal Democrats, 1 Green (of course) and Heidi Allen.

Migration Watch’s Lord Green has said of the petition: “The task of MPs is to represent the electorate, not those who have no right to be in the country at all.”

Allen has already been criticised for being of the most anti-Brexit MPs on the Tory benches, and there is rumoured to be a local campaign to get her deselected, such is the annoyance at local level.

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Such a weak border stance is likely to go down like a bucket of cold sick with grassroot Conservatives.