Tory MP: 'Governing class ashamed of English national identity'

The governing class is ashamed of English national identity, according to Tory MP Nick Boles.

He said on the Daily Telegraph podcast: “I drove through Parliament Square on a bus on St George’s Day this year and the only place where I could see a St George’s flag was on Westminster Abbey.

“There was I was surrounded by parliament, the Supreme Court, the Treasury, the Foreign Office – all the great offices of state – there wasn’t a St George’s flag to be seen.

“It is completely bonkers and it is not surprising that people feel that the governing class is somehow a bit ashamed of English identity if we make such little effort.”

He’s even gone as far as to say all government buildings, courts, police stations, fire stations and town halls should be compelled to fly a St George’s flag on St George’s Day.

People should be proud of their national identity and the St George’s flag is a symbol of national pride. Hoist it up!

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