Tory MP Clarke: I will not vote for May's Brexit plan, other Tories won't compromise either

Tory MP Simon Clarke has said he will not vote for Theresa May’s Brexit plan and that people in the Conservative Party ‘will not compromise’.

He said: “My position is more akin to that of David Davis and Boris Johnson. I think it does risk placing the Conservative Party in an impossible position where our determination to make sure that Jeremy Corbyn does not become Prime Minister and ruin this country is placed at odds with our absolute fidelity to our voters to deliver on the referendum result but I will not vote for this as it stands.

“I bitterly regret that it’s come to this point but nobody should be under any illusions that people in the Conservative Party feel very strongly about this and will not compromise.”

This should be a wake up call to May – she’s losing support left, right and centre because she’s totally bungling Brexit.