Tory MP attends meeting of Remoaners intent on overturning Brexit

Dominic Grieve has been been accused of colluding with a consortium of Remoaners that are bent on reversing Brexit after he was pictured walking into a secretive meeting of Soros-funded Europhiles, Alastair Campbell and Tory and Lib Dem peers.

The Open Britain group, which is the continuation of the Remain campaign, and Best for Britain, paid for largely by Soros, were in attendance.

The Tory MP’s choice of company has angered members of his own party, with Sir Bill Cash saying: “It’s clear that Mr Grieve is consorting with those people who are all intent on reversing Brexit.

“It makes his claim that he is trying to be helpful to the Government transparent nonsense.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “Dominic should be careful about the company he keeps if he wishes to maintain his position that this is not about stopping Brexit.

“If you sup with the devil you should use a long spoon and he is using an egg spoon.”

Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘I’m surprised if he is meeting with a whole load of people whose sole purpose is to stop Brexit when he has said it is not his intention to do so.’

For his part, Grieve said: “They asked me to go along and explain something about what was going on in Parliament, just as I go and talk to all sorts of groups.

“If I was invited by an audience that was interested in the issue that were Leavers I would go as well. We live in a democratic country where people engage with all sorts of people.”

Yeh, right!

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