Tory contenders 'could boycott next BBC debate'

The candidates to be next Conservative Party Leader could boycott another BBC debate after the broadcaster’s ridiculous handling of one this week.

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It comes after one guest, ‘Abdullah from Bristol’, was revealed to have peddled Zionist conspiracy theories and warned women: “Don’t be alone with a man!”

Whilst  ‘Aman from London’ seemingly had close links to the Labour Party which weren’t disclosed during the program.

But as Henry Zeffman of The Times revealed: “The BBC just told me that they knew that Aman Thakar had worked for Labour. (They didn’t tell the viewers)”

The Mail have gone in hard, splashing with a front page that reads: “Biased Brazen Contemptible”.

Former Conservative Leader Iain Duncan Smith told the Daily Mail: “The BBC must apologise and someone must be brought to book. It is appalling.”

A friend of Sajid Javid told The Telegraph: “It wasn’t an edifying format and if they want to make a pitch for another TV debate you would want it to be a bit more thought through.

“It will play into our thinking as to whether we agree or don’t agree to another BBC event. ITV, Sky and Channel 4 all want to do a head to head as well and the Channel 4 debate on Sunday was very well done.”

Whilst a source close to Boris Johnson told them: “It hasn’t helped the BBC’s case for hosting a Question Time-style debate.

“Candidates will now be casting doubt on the Question Time format and the balance and impartiality of the BBC audience.”