Tory calls grow for May to go

Whilst she tries to cobble together a stitch-up deal with Jeremy Corbyn and is off to ask Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel to help her delay Brexit, Theresa May is coming under increasing pressure from Conservative MPs to resign.

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A delegation from the Conservative 1922 Committee yesterday visited Downing Street and told the PM that she is now actively damaging the party.

It comes as one Conservative Association announced that they would be holding an emergency meeting to put forward a vote of no confidence in May.

A source told The Telegraph of the meeting in Number 10 yesterday: “The universal message was to say ‘a lot of the anger from the doorsteps is now coming back on her as opposed to the party’.

“The mood has changed. It has actually changed. The mood originally was, she is soldiering on, she is trying to do things.

“It was put to her the fact of it now turning to her being the problem.”

When it was reported that the 1922 Committee had gone to Downing Street, Tory MP Michael Fabricant speculated: “Have over 50% of the Conservative Parliamentary Party said they have lost confidence in the PM?” A sign of the dire times.

This all comes after Brexiteer MP Mark Francois called for a vote of no confidence in May. In a letter, he wrote: “Enough is enough! If she goes by Wednesday we can Leave on Friday.”

Sadly, it seems that May will be allowed to limp on and further kick the can down the road instead of delivering Brexit as she promised to do in March.