Tory Brexiteers stand firm against May's deal

Conservative Brexiteer MPs are indicating that they still don’t plan to vote for Theresa May’s deal when it is brought back to the House of Commons for a third time.

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Former DEFRA secretary of state and ardent Brexiteer, Owen Paterson, has announced he will not be voting for Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement when it comes back to the Commons for the third time on Tuesday.

Writing in The Telegraph, Paterson claimed: “It simply is not Brexit.”

He added that there is “nothing to fear” about leaving the European Union without an agreement in place as “No Deal is not an end state”.

“Under Article 24 of the WTO’s General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, so long as the UK and EU agree to a free trade agreement and notify the WTO of a sufficiently detailed plan and schedule for it as soon as possible, we could even maintain our current zero-tariff, zero-quantitative restrictions arrangements while the new deal was being negotiated.”

As Tuesday’s vote approaches, rumours have circulated Westminster regarding a number of Conservative Brexiteers who could opt to support Theresa May’s disastrous deal for fear that Brexit is slipping away. Esther McVey hinted yesterday that Brexiteers may need to hold their noses and “think a different way” when heading to the lobbies on Tuesday.

Fellow Conservative MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan has also spoke out against voting for the deal again. Today she said: “Whilst I love my whip and enjoy nothing more than giving the same answer to the same Q, I still am not able to see how I can vote for an unchanged Withdrawal Agreement.

“The risks are as yet unaltered. I hope the PM can assuage my concerns by Tuesday.”

Furthermore, the DUP’s Nigel Dodds held discussions with key Conservative figures including the Chancellor and Chief Whip yesterday, as May’s allies attempt to satisfy concerns over concerns over the backstop trap.

MPs could well be set to reject May’s deal for a third time on the spin. The UK must not be trapped by the European Union into a bad deal.

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