Tory Association backs No Deal Brexit with 76% support

A Conservative Association has broken ranks and declared that its members now clearly favour a No Deal Brexit.

The Rochester and Strood Conservative Association revealed that three-quarters of members are in favour of leaving the EU without a deal. Just 16% back Theresa May’s deal.

They tweeted: “Rochester and Strood Constituency Conservative Association members 76% are in favour of WTO Brexit. 16% in favour of May’s Withdrawal Agreement.”

This is broadly in line with the opinion of grassroots Conservatives nationally. A YouGov poll recently found that 64% of Tory members favour No Deal over May’s deal.

When Tories are given the option of No Deal vs. Remain, 76% back leaving without a deal.

Some Tory MPs remain hopelessly out of touch. For example, Sir Oliver Letwin told Parliament: “We will not allow a No Deal exit to occur at the end of March.” Wonder what members make of that?

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It is time for Conservative Remainers to stop seeking to block No Deal, and instead recognise that the referendum result must be implemented. That means leaving on 29th March 2019 on WTO terms if May’s deal is voted down next week.