Tory anger at treatment of Boris

There is rising anger inside the Conservative Party over the treatment of Boris Johnson following his criticism of the burka, with one Association President saying that Theresa May is “at best an embaraassment” and that she must go.

It comes after disciplinary proceedings were opened up against Boris causing Jacques Arnold, President of the Tonbridge and Malling Conservative Association to write in to The Telegraph in dismay.

Jacques Arnold has said: “In 50 years of mostly voluntary service to the Conservative Party, I have never known such discourtesy and malevolence.

“Theresa May has indeed created a nasty party. She is 
at best an embarrassment, and at worst a humiliation for our great party and country.

“Enough is enough. She must go.”

The Chairman of the Tatton Conservative Association, Don Hammond, said: “I don’t think what he said is particularly outrageous. 

“There are probably plenty of imams who would agree that the burka is not any part of the Muslim tradition.”

And Lance Stanbury, Chairman of the West Suffolk Cionservative Association, said: “I think freedom of speech is more important than fear of offending people.”

Whilst Brexit-backing donor Jeremy Hosking has said that: “This nasty little prosecution typifies the Conservative elite.

“The cynical and opportunistic response of some leading Conservatives in condemning him seems so transparent in its motivation as to be laughable.”

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The persecution of Boris by the Tory Remainer establishment is disgusting. The grassroots of the party – and the majority of the country – is behind him against this politically correct garbage.