Tory and Labour Brexiteers unite for No Deal

Conservative Lord Lilley and Labour Councillor Brendan Chilton have come together to make the cross-party case for the increasingly popular choice of a No Deal Brexit, arguing that it means “cashing in, not crashing out”.

With a report co-authored by the pair due to be circulated to MPs on Monday, Lord Lilley told The Telegraph: “The government is clearly determined to play up the supposed horrors of leaving with no Withdrawal Agreement in the hope of persuading MPs to vote for the EU’s unloved draft ‘deal’.

“The government is in the bizarre position of preparing to leave on WTO terms, while pretending that its preparations will be unsuccessful.”

Meanwhile Brendan Chilton, General Secretary of Labour Leave, has written for the Huffington Post that: “Perhaps the greatest reason for leaving with No Deal on WTO terms is that we can, once and for all, remove ourselves from the EU’s judicial oversight.

“This will mean that a future Labour government can implement a truly progressive, radical and transformative policy programme, such as State Aid provisions and nationalisation of key infrastructure, like our transport system to improve our nation for the many.”

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Former Conservative Chancellor Lord Lamont has also weighed in, saying: “The government seem desperate to scare people into accepting the unsatisfactory EU terms and to swallow the Withdrawal Agreement.

“WTO terms would bring certainty, create a safe haven for British businesses and may well prove a stepping stone to a successful Canada-style deal with the EU.”

There is increasing support for a No Deal Brexit, with a new YouGov poll revealing it is now the mainstream view among Conservative supporters.

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No £39 billion Brexit bill, full independence and taking back control sooner rather than later. No wonder so many prefer walking away from the EU without an agreement to the bad deal that Theresa May has brought back from Brussels. No Deal, no problem! Let’s get on with it.