Tories to support mass migration

In a revelation that would amount to nothing less than betrayal, senior Conservatives have told The Sun that the “tens of thousands” net migration pledge the party has pushed in the past has been quietly binned.

With net migration running at a record high 330,000 each year under David Cameron’s watch, immigration became the defining issue behind the Brexiteer drive to get the UK out of the EU.

But Theresa May was Home Secretary as migration spiralled out of control and her public stance on a post-Brexit migration so far has been decidedly weak.

Now senior Tories are apparently briefing that a “tens of thousands” net migration pledge has probably been quietly dropped.

That would essentially mean that all of those who have seen the negative effect mass migration has had on communities across the land would be sold out by the Tories even though the government will finally have control of Britain’s borders outside of the EU.

There is a way to end all off this speculation. May or indeed the Brexit Minister David Davis could reiterate their desire to deliver what the British people voted for on June 23rd and cut migration.

The fact they haven’t is telling.