Tories surge to 7-point lead after Labour's Brexit blocking

The Conservative Party have surged to a 7-point lead following a week in Parliament that saw Conservative MPs push for changes to an EU deal whilst the likes of Labour MP Yvette Cooper sought to stop a No Deal Brexit. The actions of hardline Remainers MPs this week hasn’t gone down well with the public.

Opinium tonight have the Tories on 41%, compared to 34% for Labour. 226 Labour MPs voted to delay Brexit if the government hadn’t negotiated a deal by late February which would have crippled the UK’s hand in negotiations, unable to walk away. Thankfully, they were unsuccessful.

This is clearly the way forward for the Conservatives. If they deliver a clean Brexit on 29th March as promised, the British public will back them. Jeremy Corbyn’s shifting on the issue has come across appallingly and his support has just reached an all-time low.

Hopefully this is a wake-up call for the Tory Party on the way forward. They must hold the line and refuse to be bullied by Brussels.