Tories select lead MEP candidate who wants to stay in Single Market

An MEP who attacked the prospect of Brexit in the run up to the referendum and has since vowed to push for a “soft” exit and Single Market membership has apparently been selected as a lead candidate for the party.

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Sajjid Karim has today claimed that he will be the number one candidate on the Conservative list for the North West of England in the European Elections.

So where does he stand? In April 2018 in an article on his website, Karim said: “Regardless of how it happens Brexit is going to be bad for business, so limiting the extent of the damage is the best option we have right now and this means retaining our Single Market membership.

“Anything less would be senseless, damaging Lancashire and damaging the country.”

He goes on to say: “Whilst Brexit is still going ahead though, I will be fighting for a ‘soft’ departure until the end, in both the interests of Lancashire, the North West and of the country.”

Just before the referendum in June 2016, he wrote: “If we end up with a vote for Brexit, the very existence of the United Kingdom as we know it is in peril.

“Who is to say that the Welsh and Northern Irish would not want to leave the UK also, particularly if their populations voted to Remain in the EU?

“Should Brexit lead to Scotland leaving and Welsh & Northern Irish discontent contributing to the same also, the UK’s permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council would undoubtedly be under threat.

“We hold this permanent seat on the UN Security Council as a United Kingdom. It is hard to imagine a scenario in which the likes of China and Russia (two other permanent seat holders) allow our seat to be maintained by England alone.”

And his bluster on Brexit in 2014 is classic hysterical Project Fear. He said: “There are other major challenges that would arise from a British exit; some 2.2 million EU citizens who work in Britain, many in the City, and could be forced to leave.

“Given the significant contribution EU migrants make to the British economy, such an exodus would only exasperate the skills and labour shortage Britain already faces.

“The true cost of EU withdrawal then, will be grave one.”

Karim is now questioning where funding for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is coming from. Sounds worried.

Why are the Tories selecting such an anti-Brexit candidate to playing a leading role in their EU Election campaign?

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