Tories lead but Brexit Party still polling 22% amongst Sun readers

A poll of Sun readers by the newspaper has shown a big Boris bounce for the Conservatives – but the Brexit Party still riding high on 22% among their readers.

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Back in June the Tories were down to 13% among those who read The Sun, largely thanks to Theresa May’s dismal performance.

Now though Boris Johnson has them riding high with the support of 31% of the paper’s readership.

Interestingly though, the Brexit Party have only fallen by 3 points and are still backed by 22% of Sun readers. Not exactly a collapse in support there.

Labour are backed by just 8% of Sun readers. Dismal stuff.

Responding to news of the 850-strong poll, the Brexit Party’s Head of Press Gawain Towler said: “If two weeks of hype about Boris and No Deal has only shifted 3% from Brexit Party to Tory, imagine the swing back if he fails on 31st Oct, we need to keep the pressure on.”

Brexit day on 31st October is fast approaching…