Tories 4 points ahead of Labour with UKIP up to 7% in YouGov poll

The Conservatives are 4 points clear of Labour in the latest YouGov poll – and that’s with UKIP up to 7%.

In a sign of what could happen if the Brexiteer vote was combined, the Tories are on 39% even with UKIP steadily rising back up in the polls.

10% of 2017 Tory voters are currently planning to vote UKIP, including 13% of all Leave voters.

With the Labour Party riven with nasty elements of anti-Semitism, the Tory Party are ahead despite Theresa May’s favourability ratings recently hitting an all-time low.

The same YouGov poll shows just 14% of the public back the government’s performance in negotiating Brexit with the European Union.

Just imagine how far ahead the Conservatives could be with a Brexiteer Leader who Leave voters could actually trust to deliver…