Top BBC earner Gary Lineker backs second referendum

The BBC’s highest paid star, Gary Lineker, is now openly calling for a second referendum as he trashes Brexit.

Lineker is now backing the campaign to run the referendum again, saying: “Whether you voted Leave or Remain, did anyone really vote for the mess we seem to be in, let alone the prospect of no deal with all the terrible consequences attached to that? 

“There are some things in life that, even for someone like me, are more important than football. This is one of them. I am not a politician but I know when something is going wrong and right now Brexit feels like it is going very wrong indeed.

“The politicians seem unable to resolve the problem the people gave them in voting to Leave. That is why I think there should be a People’s Vote on the final deal, and why I am sending best wishes and good luck to the campaigners who will be stepping up the pressure over the summer.”

He has previously hit out at the idea of leaving the EU with No Deal, saying: “Democracy is democracy and all that but…”

Lineker is now the highest-paid talent at the BBC, earning between £1.75m-£1.76m in 2017-18.

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Can you imagine the BBC paying millions to someone speaking out openly in favour of Brexit? No, we can’t either.