Tice: Brexit Party MEPs will demand 'significant role' in negotiating team

The Brexit Party’s Chairman, Richard Tice, has called for his party’s MEPs after the European Election to have a role in a future negotiation with the European Union.

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In a press conference this morning, Tice said that a vote for the Brexit Party at the EU Elections is a “clear vote for a WTO Brexit”.

He also demanded that “our elected MEPs should play a significant role in a future negotiating team”.

Tice described the election, that the Brexit Party hope to win, as hopefully delivering a “mandate from the people” as “Westminster have blown it”.

Nigel Farage also announced that the party are now looking for 650 candidates to stand as MPs at the next Westminster election.

Theresa May’s team have totally failed to deliver. Time for some who actually believe in Brexit to take over?