Three more UKIP MEPs defect to Brexit Party

UKIP’s decline has continued ahead of the European Elections, with another three MEPs joining Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party.

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Jill Seymour, Margot Parker and Jane Collins have all made the move, with Seymour accusing Gerard Batten’s UKIP of switching to “the extreme right of politics”.

Seymour has insisted that: “I am not walking away from the party’s original core principles, but the present party’s direction means it has walked away from me, and its original membership.”

Meanwhile, Yorkshire MEP Jane Collins announced that: “I have spent much of my time as an MEP standing up for the rights of women, including the victims of industrial scale CSE in Rotherham.

“It is simply impossible for me to stay in UKIP now and I will serve out the rest of my mandate as an MEP for The Brexit Party.”

Whilst it has also been confirmed that another former UKIP MEP, Margot Parker, has gone Brexit as well.

It means that the Brexit Party now have 11 MEPs, compared to UKIP who are left with 4.

The Brexit Party are already polling ahead of UKIP for the European Elections. Can they beat Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party?