Thornberry: Labour will not accept No Deal

Emily Thornberry has doubled down on Labour’s ridiculous Brexit position that the party will not accept No Deal, fundamentally weakening Britain’s negotiating stance.

The Corbynista, who is part of the Islington set of Labour MPs, told HARDTalk: “We will not accept a No Deal. We can’t let them (the Tories). There will be a vote in the Commons and Lords can vote on the deal they come back with. We will vote against No Deal. If they come back with No Deal, no continuing relationship, they say we’re sailing off into the mid-Atlantic then we will not accept that.

“The pressure is on from us. They won’t be allowed to get away with it. The consequences will be felt. Theresa May can’t pretend that we haven’t been clear throughout.”

Apart from all the times Labour’s Brexit position has changed, that is.

It’s dangerous for Britain to have Thornberry and Co ruling out No Deal because it lets the EU know that the government will have to agree to whatever they insist, meaning they would inevitably offer up a bad deal. Naive student politics.