Theresa May told to sack either Boris Johnson or Philip Hammond

Theresa May has been told to sack either Boris Johnson or Philip Hammond to end Cabinet infighting over Brexit.

Calls for Boris to go have been mounting since he broke ranks and presented a positive vision for Brexit in the national press – although Westmonster and Brexiteers across the country were glad to see someone in government display a bit of optimism for life outside the EU.

But Team Boris say he’d simply refuse to go if May tried to demote him and he’d threaten to spark a leadership battle.

And now Tory insiders are calling for Hammond’s head – one said: “We would love to see her sack Hammond. The point is Boris is the one constantly being accused of being disloyal – but actually the one being disloyal is Philip Hammond.”

It follows Nadine Dorries MP saying: “I think Philip Hammond has been deliberately trying to make the Brexit negotiations difficult, stall them, obfuscate the issues. I just don’t think he’s been 100% on board.”

Surely it is time for Remoaner Hammond to be given his marching orders…