Tests show 80% of 'child migrants' in Sweden are actually over 18

80% of ‘child migrants’ tested in Sweden were proven to be over 18, according to the country’s national Forensic Medicine Agency.

The agency has been carrying out tests for months, as Sweden attempts to get to grips with a huge influx of migrants claiming to be children. Of the 2,481 tests carried out between mid-March-July 31, 2002 people were tested – 80% were judged to be over 18.

Just 432 people were deemed to be “possibly under 18”.

Examinations were carried out by a forensic anthropologist who x-rayed the individual’s wisdom teeth and takes an MRI scan of a knee joint. Their forensic opinion on the age of the individual is then sent to the Swedish migration board to be factored into their decision on whether or not to grant asylum.

You may remember that British doctors weren’t allowed to do dental checks on our ‘child refugees’ because it went against their human rights.

The fact that most of these ‘child migrants’ are actually adults is nothing new in Sweden. Johan Göransson of the Forensic Medicine Agency said: “We see no big difference in the statistics from previous months, the numbers are quite consistent.”

The UK Home Office caused controversy last year when it erected fences around migrant processing centres after journalists began publishing pictures of so-called ‘child refugees’. They were later forced to admit that 2/3 of them were adults.

There is obviously a concerted effort to cheat the system. When the right, or really anyone with working eyes, disputed the age of ‘child migrants’ arriving in Britain, we were hounded by the left. Well, shall we expect an apology now?