‘Terror attack’ near Finsbury Park Mosque

Update: In a statement police have insisted that no other suspects have been identified or reported to the police.

At least 1 person has been killed and another 10 people are injured after a van ploughed into a crowd of people outside Finsbury Park Mosque in what appears to be a terror attack targeting Muslims.

At 12.20am “a white man” allegedly mowed down worshippers leaving Ramadan prayers, apparently screaming “I want to kill all Muslims”.

There are reports that another two people jumped from the van but escaped.

The alleged attacker was wrestled to the ground by members of the public and arrested moments later by police.

Mohammed Kozbar, Chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque, said: “Whoever did this, he did it to hurt people and it’s a terrorist attack.

“We call it a terrorist attack as we called it in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge.”