Telford abuse victim: My life was whirlwind of rape every day

A victim of grooming and sexual abuse in Telford has told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that her life became a “whirlwind of rape every day” and that time and again the authorities failed to intervene, even when police spotted her with much older men.

The brave woman, speaking anonymously, said: “I was abused from 14 to 18, my abuse started with boys my own age who went on to sell my phone numbers to older men.

“From there it was just a whirlwind of rape every day basically. I was going into the doctors and the youth sexual health clinic to get the morning after pill probably twice a week and nobody even questioned anything.

“I had two abortions, still nothing was said to me. I was in cars that were stopped by police and they asked me no question as to why I was there with a much older men, obviously a young girl.

“It got to the point where I tried to commit suicide and still nobody asked me any questions about what was going on in my life and why I was reacting the way I was reacting.

“The way I got out of it was by actually leaving Telford and isolating myself from my friends and family and everybody else that I knew.”

It is sickening to know that this is just one story, in one town. The mass sexual exploitation of children is frankly horrific and something that we are now seeing uncovered town by town.

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