Teenager shot at East London train station

The horrific wave of violence in London continues, with a teenager shot in an East London train station on Wednesday evening.

A 16-year-old was taken to hospital after an altercation, with an argument on a train leading to two suspects fleeing the scene on foot.

DCI Sam Blackburn from British Transport Police has said: “This was a violent and rare attack which took place on a late night train out of London.

“Officers were on scene within minutes and we are working hard to identify and trace the men responsible for this assault.

“We understand that this was a frightening incident for passengers on the train and at the station, and would encourage anyone who witnessed the attack or the moments leading up to it to come forward and tell us what they saw.”

A London Assembly report out last year found that gun crime offences in London have increased by 44% since 2014, with weapons being brought in from Eastern Europe.