Teachers and doctors 'scared of raising FGM, fear accusations of racism'

The paralysed state of professionals in reporting Female Genital Mutilation has once again been thrown out in the open, with an expert on the subject insisting that fear of being branded a racist is stopping doctors, nurses and teachers from confronting the issue.

There are around 9,000 NHS attendances in England per year involving FGM, yet disgracefully no one has yet been prosecuted for the practise in Britain.

This is likely due to the type of political correctness and weakness that is plaguing all aspects of public life. Professor Hazel Barrett has spoken of the fear many professionals have: “If they live within these communities or come from these communities they fear they might be stigmatised or rejected.

“We have made progress, certainly over the last three or four years, with more awareness training given to professionals. But there is still a long way to go.”

She has developed an app for those in a position of power to flag up concerns. But what a sad state of affairs when those who could help intervene are worried about reporting potential violence and abuse against young females because of accusations of racism.