Taxpayers' cash 'set aside to help returning jihadis'

A pool of money has apparently been set aside to help the scumbags who decided to go and support Islamic State. Once again, Britain is being ridiculously weak with people who deserve nothing.

The Sun on Sunday report that a fund of potential millions could be used to the housing and other costs of jihadi scumbags who return to the country.

More than 400 so-called ‘returning jihadis’ have already been allowed back into Britain, with a conviction rate around just 10%. Dangerously weak.

Tory MP Robert Halfon responded to the news of the cash pot by saying: “It’s hard to believe that when you have huge pressure on school and college funding, vital resources are being given over to jihadis. What planet are we living on?”

Whilst Colonel Richard Kemp said: “The fact that this is public money is disgraceful. We are talking about people involved in activity most of us could not imagine, such as mass rape, murder and torture.

“They should not be allowed to return here, they are terrorists.”

What a huge contrast to the 65% of Brits who would break international law to make ISIS bride Shamima Begum stateless in order to stop her ever returning to the UK. Why are politicians being so soft on those who have betrayed this country?

Jihadists shouldn’t be allowed back into Britain. Support Westmonster and help us keep the pressure up for a far tougher approach!