Swiss union leader declares draft treaty with Brussels is "dead"

The head of Switzerland’s influential union federation has declared the current negotiations over a new treaty with Brussels are “dead” and has called for talks to restart.

“The text is dead”, announced Pierre-Yves Maillard, head of the Swiss Trade Union Confederation (SGB) to a Swiss newspaper, insisting “there is no way around fresh negotiations”.

The current negotiations between Brussels and the Swiss government have proven controversial in the eyes of Swiss trade unions over fears they risk diluting Swiss rules which protect Europe’s highest wages from cross-border competition, opening them up to the scrutiny of European courts.

Furthermore, the stalled treaty would see Switzerland adopt Single Market regulations and ensure EU citizens resident in Switzerland enjoy the same rights as their home Member State, a move opponents argue infringes too greatly on Swiss sovereignty.

Negotiations on the institutional framework accord between Switzerland and the European Commission have been ongoing since 2014 with little evidence of a breakthrough any time soon.

Good to see a European nation holding firm, demanding a restart to negotiations and protecting the high wages of its citizens…